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Piano Tuning
By Lachlan Brown

Standard Tuning $220

Inspections  Appraisals $80

Repairs $55 Per Hour.

Lachlan is an accomplished composer, singer and pianist. Having studied composition at University of Melbourne, you can be confident that Lachlan's classically trained ear is one of the best in the business.

Lachlan uses traditional tuning methods to give a truly musical tuning, fit for any concert or the most discerning musician. He tunes by ear, listening to the beats as the notes in various intervals interact with each other. This is the only way to do an accurate and musical tuning in which all the notes are properly related to one another. If your piano has not been tuned for a long time, or you have acquired a piano that is below pitch Lachlan can bring the piano back to stable tuning at concert pitch.


Piano Action And Regulation


Lachlan can regulate your piano to ensure your piano feels easy and even to play and produces its best tone. There are many aspects of the piano action and keys that can be adjusted in pianos and they must relate to each other in the correct ways to allow the piano to play to its full potential. Many customers have been amazed at the transformation of their piano after regulation, tuning and voicing of hammers. 

Repairs: sticking notes, clicks and squeaks, broken hammers, squeaking pedals, missing ivories etc. 

Lachlan would love to talk to you and discover the possibilities your Piano holds.

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Lachlan is truly a master of his craft. With his knowledge, skill, patience and attention to detail, he gave new life to a pianola that had not been tuned or tended to for decades. After a lot of work over multiple visits, including triple tuning, restoring the keys and regulating the mechanism, the pianola now sounds and feels like an absolutely dream! Lachlan's passion for his work shines through at every step, and he was a real delight to chat with and learn from. I could not recommend Lachlan highly enough!

Felix (Brunswick)

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