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Professional Service By Pianos Victoria

Pianos Victoria is inspired by an unwavering dedication to musical expression and a passion for the unique tone of each piano. 


Pianos Victoria is dedicated to ensuring that the deep and soulful sound produced by these beautifully crafted pianos is maintained for generations. 

Lachlan Brown is an accomplished Pianist and has dedicated his life to music. Lachlans love of music naturally led to the inception of Pianos Victoria, catering for the needs of every Piano and Pianist. 


Specialties include tuning, restoration, transport, home and event hire, and a carefully curated range of German and other pianos for sale.

Pianos Victoria is located at, 36 Denham Road, Tyabb Victoria.This is where the magic happens, there is an abundance of beautiful Pianos available for sale, Lachlan welcomes you to come in and view the available pianos and discuss your particular needs, catering for everyone from the budding musicians of the future to the professional musicians of today. 

Contact Pianos Victoria


Feel free to contact Lachlan, (phone preferred) to discuss your particular needs.


Phone: 0434 091 533 


Walking into The Piano Workshop you instantly feel that you are in the company of a master craftsman. Lachlan is truly in his element restoring quality antique or modern pianos, both grand and uprights. He restores their tone, touch and presentation, so they are once again a pleasure to play, and produce a sound you can rejoice in. 


Creative people are drawn together, and through collaborations with other artists, Lachlan is able to offer some amazing bespoke features. Some of the latest offerings include hand carved wood details, and beautiful stain-glass windows in the front panels of pianos. You can even be involved in the design of these unique features. 


Treat yourself to a visit to The Piano Workshop. Lachlan will guide you through the experience of discovering pianos from a range of times and places, each with their own sound and style. Whether it is your first piano for yourself or your child, or you are an experienced pianist looking for a special piano, Lachlan will be happy to help you find a piano that fulfils your vision and captures your heart. 

Pianos victoria piano sales piano moving piano restoration piano tuning lachlan brown

The art of 

Lachlan can restore your piano, to make it sound beautiful and play expressively again. 

The Piano action can be rebuilt, keys whitened/polished, missing ivories replaced, brass polished, keys re-leaded, tuning pins and strings replaced, new hammers installed, and the action regulated to play at its full potential once again.


Old and faded French polish can be revived or completely redone. This will once again reveal the beauty of the wood and give a subtle deep luster to the piano. Modern black pianos can also be re-polished, restoring full sheen and removing minor scratches. Brass fittings and hinges can be re-polished to add brilliant highlights to your piano. 

For further information and inspiration please see our restoration page. 

Pianos Victoria with Lachlan Brown piano moving piano tuning piano sales melbourne victoria

A Passion for perfect pitch.

Tuning From: $220.00

Piano Hire Melbourne Victoria

Home and Event Hire

Piano movers melbourne victoria Pianos Victoria Piano Sales Piano moving

Piano moves the right way!

From: $200.00

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