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Piano Moving

iano Storage

Have a piano to move?
Do it the right way with Pianos Victoria. 

Specialised, experienced and professional piano movers trusted by many and recommended by 'Man With A Van'.


Pianos Victoria has moved thousands of pianos over the last 10 years.

We use specialised custom built equipment, to ensure your piano is safely moved without any damage to your piano or flooring. (eg. polished floorboards). 

For general moving of items other than Pianos, we highly recommend Man With a Van:

Our client testimonials speak for themselves. 

Pianos Victoria is one of the few companies that has the remarkable Pianoplan machine. This machine can safely and easily move a piano up a full flight of stairs.

Piano Move Pricing

  • Upright from $220

  • Pianola from $250

  • Grand Piano from $500

(up to 2.2 meters in length)

  • Relocation and Flight of Stairs from $800

  • Room-to-Room from $80

  • Victoria-wide: prices calculated according to distance. 

piano-moving-melbourne-ramp-up-stairs-long_edited_out Photograph.png

Piano Storage Melbourne Victoria

Renovating? Between homes? Need your piano stored safely?

Pianos Victoria provides piano storage in our humidity and temperature controlled workshop.

Uprights Pianos $12 per week. Grand Pianos $24 per week.

Reasons to Trust Pianos Victoria. 

Trust in the quality of our Piano moving service has been earned, through our years of experience and understanding of the care required for each instrument. Pianos Victoria uses the purpose built Pianoplan 600 machine and has all of the necessary ramps, leavers and trolleys to accomplish any piano move. Our clients often marvel at how we make a difficult job easy in a controlled, calm and responsible manner. 

  • All work is fully insured. ($50,000 freight insurance, and Public Liability)

  • Staircase work is done safely and easily using the amazing Pianoplan 600 machine. (Search ‘Pianoplan 600’ on Youtube to see videos of this beautifully designed machine in action!)

  • Pianos are transported on a trolley with pneumatic tyres (which gives a soft ride for the piano)

  • Appropriate techniques and equipment  are used to protect polished floor boards. Castor cups  with felt undersides are provided to protect polished floors when the piano is in position.

  • Pianos are transported in a large box trailer, sitting on the trolley, covered with a heavy-duty padded canvas cover and secured to the wall with ratchet straps.

  • Piano moving service is availalbe to all suburbs  of greater Melbourne and country Victoria.

  • Room to Room moves available

  • Polite and professional service at all times.

  • Lachlan will be happy to play something on the piano when it is delivered and advise if it needs tuning. (Ideally pianos should be tuned at least once a year.)


"Just letting you know the piano arrived. It was an absolute pleasure to meet Neil and Will. They did a fabulous job and it was lovely having a chat with them. Thanks! May 2017."

Amelia (Bendigo)

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