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Meet Lachlan

Lachlan began his life-long passion for music at an early age; singing in the choir, taking piano lessons, and composing classical music from the age of eight. 

He also enjoyed making things, and spent many hours in the shed, where he learnt about design, appreciated the beauty of wood, and enjoyed working with a wide range of materials and processes, 

including woodturning, leatherwork, sewing, metalwork, restoring old furniture and re-finishing wooden items. 

Later Lachlan studied composition at the University of Melbourne, and piano technology with a number of other piano technicians over a five year period. These passions and experiences lay the foundation for the inception of Pianos Victoria, and the professional work he now offers. 


The adage ‘follow one’s dream and the rest will come’ is ever so evident when you meet Lachlan and experience his depth of knowledge, creativity and enthusiasm in all he does. 


Piano Stories

Pianos hold a special place in people’s hearts; they give voice to neglected avenues of self expression, they give wings to the imagination, and they give gentle comfort to those around them. They look and sound beautiful, they are always waiting to express your feelings, and just like a new pet, people love them from the very first day. Sometimes they have a long story that touches many generations, sometimes you can only wonder about their story. My favourites are the stories they create with us right now. Here are a few I’ve had the privilege to witness. . .

A family acquired a beautiful German piano, but it was badly out of tune. They had an eight year old girl who loved music, and played the cornet as well as the piano. I gave the piano a double tuning, and returned a month later for a follow-up tuning. I asked if the girl had been playing the piano more after the first tuning . . . her mother told me ‘So much! We can’t get her through her daily routine anymore! ’. . . .

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